Yellowstone River Ranch


Welcome to our ranch!

The Yellowstone River Ranch also known as the Yellowstone River Estates is located 10 miles west of Columbus, Montana. The ranch is located just off of Interstate 90 and exit 396. The entrance to the ranch is just south of I-90. Head south on Brumfield road to Winding River Road.


We have received calls from landowners who are a bit confused as to the purpose of the emergency assessment that was recently sent out. We hope the following statement will clear things up:

It is the intent of the Board of Directors to use the $200 emergency assessment for the repair of the main roads used by a majority of the landowners. Specifically Winding River Road from the main entrance to Owl Canyon Road, and Owl Canyon Road from Winding River to Cougar Trail Road. Wild Horse Run may be included depending on available funds. This does not preclude a change to maintain another road with these funds if a higher priority emergency presents itself.

We are posting the letter that was printed on the backside of the invoice in case you missed it. It can be found in the 2020/ 2021 fiscal year postings as “Letter regarding emergency assessment”.

Thank You,



The Ranch

The Yellowstone River Ranch is comprised of 227 parcels. Most of the parcels are 20 acres in size. The ranch is situated along the beautiful Yellowstone River. There are riverfront properties and timber/meadow properties. There are approximately 30 miles of private gravel roads providing access. Amenities include a community park, boat launch and a walk in fishing access. Beautiful properties are still available in the ranch for those wishing to join us. The majority of the ranch is still open and undeveloped. Currently there are about 40 homes in the ranch and a number homes under construction. You are not required to build a home on your properties and many of our owners enjoy camping and recreating on their properties throughout the year.