Yellowstone River Ranch

Fire Prevention

 What to do if you see smoke…

If you see smoke, please call the Fire Department or 911 immediately.Try to give the dispatcher as much detail as possible. Do not try to locate the source of the smoke first as this only delays the response time of the Fire Department.

If you call 911 on a cell phone, there is a good chance you might get a Sweetgrass County dispatcher. Ask them to transfer you to Stillwater County.

CALL 911

Stillwater County Dispatch

Fire Department

Dwight and Diane Day,  are members of Columbus Volunteer Rural Fire Department. For more information please contact Dwight or Diane Day 406-780-0112. You can also contact Chief Cowger at 406-322-4302.

Dwight Day is the Assistant Chief.

Diane Day is a Firefighter and EMT.

The FD has stationed an engine on or near the ranch for a number of years. We respond to both Fire and EMS calls. During the colder months the engine will return to the station and a quick response unit will be available for EMS and support functions.

Defensible Space

Defensible space around your home or structures is the best way to help protect your property from wildfire. Firewise has many free publications on creating a defensible space around buildings and on creating a safer and healthier forest. In the past the Fire Department and other government agencies have provided free defensible space assessment of structures in the ranch. If you have not had an assessment and would like an evaluation please contact us and we will point you in the proper direction.


The Columbus Fire Fuel Reduction Crew and BLM burned most of the slash piles this past winter from the previous fuel reduction projects. The team is still planning to return to the ranch to continue work on the BLM properties.

Water access (Lot 103) Hydrant hook up

A water access point was created in the park area on lot 103 a couple of years ago for both fire use and use by our road contractors. We have ordered the necessary parts to provide a hydrant type connection to the water point so that the FD can hook up and draft water without having to use their suction hoses. This project has been delayed due to the flooding of the park area. We hope to complete the project in the Fall. The large white tank located at the corner of Lost Cache and Wild Horse Run was buried and fitted for the proper FD hook ups.