Yellowstone River Ranch

Roads and Weed Committee

The 2014 Road Committee consisting of Tom Robbins and Paul Briggs have done several surveys of the Yellowstone River Ranch Roads both last summer and this winter. We have also reviewed the previously published 5 Year Road Plan and consulted with Dean of Central Excavating our prime contractor for road work on the ranch. During the surveys we focused on three major criteria and have base recommendations for work to be completed in the three categories.  Please keep the work completed in any given year is based on the funds available.

Safety, roads with conditions that pose an immediate threat to the residence or conditions that threaten the viability the road long term. Another consideration under safety is egress to and from areas of the ranch both for residents and emergency equipment throughout the year.

Preventive Maintenance, work required to maintain previously completed roads and reduce the long term cost of maintenance.   This includes the major high traffic roads like Winding River, Wild Horse Run and Owl Canyon, that due to the volume of traffic require maintenance annually. Additionally all other minor roads that may need work on an as needed basis.

Major Project, roads on the ranch that have had minimal work or require major renovation. There are several roads that were constructed with a minimal amount of material and time. For example Balfour Loop, while some gravel was used in its construction with the increase in residents and scheduled construction some section of the road will require work be completed to insure it is passable at all times.

Please feel free to contact Tom Robbins at 406-698-7500 or Paul Briggs at 406-850-3774 with any concerns or comments you may have at 406-698-7500.

Work Completed Fall 2014
Preventive Maintenance:
1) Clean ditches on Winding River Road from Owl Canyon to Lot 120
2) Grade Winding River from the front of the ranch to Owl Canyon
3) Repair Palomino Trail
4) Clean ditches on Owl Canyon from Cougar Trail to Haystack Coulee
5) Clean ditches on Haystack Coulee from Owl Canyon to Cougar Trail, and clean blocked culvert on Cougar Trail.

Work completed Spring of 2014
Preventive Maintenance:
  This is damaged roads that needs work to save the existing roads. 1) Spring road damage repair:  Winding River Road from lot 120 to southern most Balfour Loop, clean ditch on Winding River Road from Owl Canyon to lot 120 and add a culvert to Winding River Road at entrance and repair washout damage.
2) Winding River Road from lot 170-179.  Clean ditches and add gravel in areas where washing of road surfaces has occurred.
3) Wild Horse Run at lot 43.  Replace culvert and build up road with 60 yards of 3” road base.  Grade, vibratory roll, and clean ditches for drainage purposes.
4) Winding River Road from lot 1 to 113.  Grade, water, and vibratory roll existing material.
5) Owl Canyon Road from lot 113 to 163.  Grade, water and vibratory roll existing material.
6) Wild Horse Run from lot 105 to 26.  Grade, water and vibratory roll existing material.
Major Projects:
Belfour Loop from lot 121 to 125.  Top dress the road surface 16’ wide with a 4” layer of ¾” road mix gravel, water and vibratory roll.  This road has deep ruts and needs gravel badly.


Weeds continue to be a problem in the ranch. We have done a great job at eliminating them along our roadways. There are still areas that need attention and we will continue to need to spray yearly to keep them in check. The had early and late weed growth this year with the mild summer and wetter than usual conditions.

Stillwater County Weed Training

The county has a number of slide on 100 gallon sprays available for free.
Stillwater County Weed District
Lindsey Clark, Weed Coordinator
PO Box 795
856 Hwy 10 West
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone: (406) 322-1106
Cell: (406) 321-3355